BESTSELLER – Working Smarter in a Complex, Fast-Moving, Retail Environment


BESTSELLER is an international, family-owned fashion company with more than 20 individual fashion brands. To gain visibility across its multiple brands and maximize operational efficiencies, BESTSELLER leverages Logility Voyager Solutions™. Learn how:

  • Implemented a state of art tool that enabled change within the organization to right set daily processes
  • Eliminated more than 300 Excel sheets going back and forth every day
  • Leveraged more accurate purchasing forecasts as JACK & JONES biggest success during the past two years – and forecast accuracy is still improving


Line Lyngholm

Line Lyngholm is Head of Supply Chain Optimization in BESTSELLER Europe.

She holds a M.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration, has a background in Management Consulting, Sourcing for some of the biggest retailers in EU and has been with Bestseller for almost 5 years.

During her time at BESTSELLER she has been the Head of PMO in Business Development as well as EA to the CEO and owner of BESTSELLER. In her current role she is responsible for integrating the Supply Chain within BESTSELLER together with central Logistics and the 15 main brands of the company.