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Founded in 2001, ghd is a high-end hair care products company. Its products are sold in salons, retail and online. The company has grown significantly across Europe and is starting to sell its products in North America and Australia.  This phenomenal growth has exposed challenges across its supply chain.

Learn how ghd is leveraging Logility Voyager Solutions to:

  • Significantly reduce its inventory and replenish more efficiently
  • Gain visibility into its partners’ supply chains
  • Create multiple scenarios to understand and prepare for disruptions, promotions or new orders


Natalie Ward

Natalie Ward is currently supply chain planner at ghd and is responsible for planning the majority of electrical products purchasing roughly 2.3 million stylers from China per year, and 0.5 million hair dryers from Europe. All Supply Planning was completed manually using excel spread sheets, planning inbound from China and Europe direct to the UK, USA, Australia and South Africa markets.

In May 2015, Natalie was asked to be the lead Supply Chain role (Super User) in the Logility implementation project which took five months. During that time, she led the initiative to develop a common code and structure to feed into the Logility Voyager Solution™ merging multiple systems, coding structures and naming conventions.

Having worked with various supply and demand planning tools for almost 10 years helped her quickly grasp the Logility Voyager Solution and understand what was needed in order to drive the implementation forward within such an aggressive timeline.