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Many companies are unclear about their business strategies: which mountain are we trying to climb, and why? It is crucial to find the best route to the top, translated into effective supply chains and communicated throughout the entire organization. Developing a strategic supply chain mind map helps to identify obstacles and illustrate each discipline’s role in overcoming them. Periodically completing this strategic and operational cycle can help to ensure a company’s success, both today and in the future.


  • Learn why some companies are more successful than others
  • Understand how company strategy has to be translated in supply chain design
  • Learn how to create a mind map to communicate company strategy and supply chain priorities


Publishing Director & editor-in-chief of Supply Chain Movement and Supply Chain Magazine

Martijn Lofvers is founder of Supply Chain Media, the Dutch Supply Chain Magazine (in 2006) and the European quarterly magazine Supply Chain Movement (in 2011). He is a regular speaker on the topic of Supply Chain Strategy Mindmapping at international conferences.

Previously Lofvers has worked as publisher for Springer Science + Business Media (5 years) and Reed Elsevier (12 years). He holds a university degree in technical engineering and business science from the Eindhoven University of Technology with a specialization in Supply Chain Management.

He also published a war novel and a non-fiction book about the history of supply chain management, both in Dutch.